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Restoration Ministries Australia – A Brief Overview


Restoration Ministry is a healing process, healing of the spirit, soul, mind and body and relationships in the Biblical way, by the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself is the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6). Our Mandate in Restoration Ministries is found in Isaiah 61:1-4.


Our Vision and Mission is to see people come to salvation and wholeness in Christ, in spirit, soul, mind, body and relationships and assist people to walk in a new way of living. People have always come from across a broad section of the community and the Body of Christ. Some have been referred by Pastors/Ministers, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Christian organizations, and others have come through word of mouth recommendation.


Through Restoration Ministry the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 61:1-4 and Luke 4: 18-19 has been fulfilled in the lives of the people who have been desperate for Jesus. It is when God has brought a person to the end of their own resources, that they are ready to hear for themselves about His way for them and their life. Often in our lives we have had experiences that have profoundly affected us in a hurtful or damaging way. These experiences have all been stored in our sub-conscious minds and can affect the way we see ourselves and the way we relate to God and to others.


As we look at the whole person in the same way Jesus does, we need to prayerfully ascertain the cause of the problem presenting itself, not just the effect. When we have identified the root cause, we have a framework for the Holy Spirit to use in bringing restoration and wholeness to the individual using whatever way He chooses.


Jesus has equipped us with all the power of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so we can fulfil the Great Commission. However, many Christians are left disillusioned by hurts, and seem unable to deal with their problems themselves.  Jesus provides the Way, the Truth and the Life for each of us.  In whatever way He brings a person to Himself, that way is uniquely suited to the individual person.


Loving support is needed for people coming through the healing process. The ministry of intercessors and support people are two vital aspects of restoration. God desires us to be made whole in all areas of our lives!

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